3 Things To Do With Your Old Trailer After Buying A Muv-All

Getting a new Muv-All trailer is a great idea. But what do you do with your old trailer afterwards? It can get kind of awkward, with both trailers just sitting next to each other, staring.

Well, we have a few ideas about what can be done with them, and hopefully one will work for you!

1. Sell It To Us

Probably the quickest thing to do with your old trailer is to sell it to us! We occasionally buy trailers from our customers, refurbishing them and giving them a second life. It’s a great way for you to get value out of something you no longer need, and for another company to get a good trailer at a lower price point.

Chat with a staff member to learn more.

2. Donate It

Another great option for your old trailer is to donate it! There are a number of charities out there which accept donations of vehicles, and some of them do accept semitrailers as well. We won’t recommend a specific one here, but search your area or contact a local nonprofit you approve of and see if they could find a way to use or sell the trailer.

3. Use It As A Bridge

You might not believe it, but there are people that have started to use both semitrailers and train cars as bridges! Over creeks and small rivers, these bridges are used varyingly from foot traffic and snowmobiles to cars and even heavy trucks and equipment!

Whether you have a use for it yourself or you’re donating it for someone else to use as a bridge, be sure you’re doing the right research and hiring a qualified professional to help with the installation, or you could end up seriously injuring yourself or others.

But it’s still pretty cool!