Our History

We Go the Extra Mile

Muv-All Trailer Company has a rich and vibrant history dating back to 1963. A dairy farmer near Le Mars, Iowa named Keith Bogh had a problem. He needed a trailer that allowed him to move his tractors from field to field faster than simply driving them. Using ingenuity and passion, Bogh and his brother Bill built a trailer that would go on to become a legend in the trailer industry. We are so proud of our heritage, and the foundation of quality and innovation that began with the very first Muv-All. Over the years, there have been many changes, but what has not changed is our dedication to serving our customers with the best possible trailer for their needs.

As we look ahead to the next 50 or so years, there will likely be more pioneering, more challenges, more accomplishments, and more customers who realize the value in using a Muv-All Trailer. We are so grateful to all the customers throughout the world who have made Muv-All a leader in the industry. We thank those who have continued to partner with Muv-All for their equipment needs, the generations who have continued to benefit from our products, and the customers we will continue to serve. Our belief is that understanding our history enables you to understand better the essence of Muv-All, and learn why providing every customer with excellence, effectiveness, and safety is our top priority.

A dairy farmer named Keith Bogh lived 10 miles north of Le Mars, Iowa. Along with his dairy farm, Keith also farmed several fields throughout the area. This posed a problem because moving his tractors from one field to the next was time-consuming and inefficient. It was not practical to drive the tractors themselves, and a solution was needed. Keith decided to build a trailer that would allow him to quickly move his tractors saving him valuable time and energy. The first trailer was built in a small garage on his farm. Using vast ingenuity, and spare parts, Keith created a trailer custom designed to solve his problem.

Keith’s brother Bill Bogh, who was also a local farmer, joined forces, and with the help of Keith’s wife came up with the name that would become legendary, Muv-All. While, in the kitchen, Keith’s wife said since the trailer was built to move all the tractors, why not call the company Muv-All. As word spread about Keith’s trailer, the two brothers decided to quit the dairy business and build trailers full-time. The first manufacturing facility for Muv-All trailers was Keith’s milk house. The milking equipment was removed, and each trailer was built one at a time. Muv-All trailers were carefully built with intense attention to detail, and the name spread due to the quality and usefulness of the Muv-All. The Muv-All was the first hydraulically controlled trailer that could be lowered to the ground for easier loading of heavy equipment. Soon, the trailers were selling faster than they could be made, and a larger facility was clearly needed.

The brothers first moved to a facility in nearby Meriden, IA. Over the years as growth and innovation continued, the company was moved to Sioux City, IA. Along with a larger facility, it provided better access to parts and equipment needed to build the trailers. The Bogh’s continued to innovate, building larger trailers for the low-bed trucking industry. Like everything Keith Bogh did, he worked until the product was perfected. Several prototypes were the inspiration for a trailer named the RTW-45-A. The trailer was a massive success selling by the thousands and launching the Muv-All name into the national market.

In 1981, the Bogh brothers sold the company to Wilson Trailer Company. Wilson continued to build a higher quality trailer and continued to innovate. Muv-All was again sold in 2002 to Palomino Manufacturing in St. Martin, MN. Having the skilled employees, the equipment, and the experience, Palomino gave new life to Muv-All and made even further advancements in quality and engineering.

What makes Muv-All so special is that every trailer is made with passion and love by highly skilled hands. Muv-All is a family-owned company that believes in taking the time to focus on the details and the manufacturing process to build customized trailers that are of the highest quality. With values such as integrity and hard work, the entire team at Muv-All is dedicated to also providing customers with a better experience. We stand behind our products and go the extra mile to ensure your trailer will as well. Since the very beginning, Muv-All trailers have been built by individuals who realize what it takes to provide exceptional value to the customer. This tradition is proudly carried on today.

Please contact us with any questions or needs, and become a part of the Muv-All family. It is genuinely our great pleasure to serve you, and we look forward to building a long-standing relationship to assist you for years to come. Thank you so much!