4 Muv-All Trailer Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Ride Running Smooth

When you think about doing maintenance, you’re probably mostly worried about your tractor. And you should be! But while Muv-All trailers are among the best on the road and require less maintenance than trailers years ago, trailer maintenance is still extremely important.

Check out the following trailer maintenance tips from our team to make sure your trailers are always in top operating condition, and contact us today if you’re in need of a new Muv-All trailer!

1. Check The Pressure

Tires can be a major expense if you have to unexpectedly replace them all due to improper wear. People always say to invest in the things which come between you and the ground like mattresses, shows and tires. That’s especially true when talking about money-making piece of equipment like a tractor-trailer rather than a car.

You may feel like you’re too busy or too pressed for time to stop and check your tire pressure before taking off, but ten minutes of prep time could save you a big headache 50 miles down the highway.

If you find that your tires are properly inflated but you’re still seeing odd tire wear, you’ve just saved yourself another huge trailer maintenance headache by identifying a problem with the undercarriage, suspension or axle early.

hydraulic detach trailer

2. Inspect Your Suspension

Speaking of the suspension, during trailer maintenance you’ll want to be sure to visually inspect it for signs of irregular wear, tires or heat cracks in the air springs. Every time you check, there shouldn’t be anything touching the suspension and the air springs should have the proper air pressure.

Checking your ride-height is important as well, because it can interfere with safety when going under overpasses if it’s too high, but it can damage your suspension bumpers if it’s too low.

3. Refresh Lubricant

Make sure you’re refreshing your lubricant regularly. Hopefully you’ve already found the perfect grease for your system, now you just need to keep replacing the grease regularly. Grease doesn’t usually wear out, but it does collect debris which makes it less effective overtime. Every time you add new grease, be sure you completely purge the old grease from the system.

4: Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

The fourth key to trailer maintenance is: doing it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so be vigilant in looking for little symptoms which can lead to big damage. If a part on your trailer slides, goes up and down or moves at all, it needs to be inspected on a regular basis and properly cared for.

Do your research, and come in to Muv-All for your parts and service today!