Trailer Spotlight: Folding Tail Trailer

At Muv-All, we’re devoted to creating custom trailers, like our folding tail trailer! We make sure your trailer works exceptionally well for your application, and will serve you well for years to come.

We’ve been in the custom folding tail trailer business for a long time. And we’ve been creating custom trailers in general for more than 50 years, including the first hydraulic controlled trailer and the first aluminum pullouts for over-width loads. We’ve been a leader in trailer innovation for decades, and want to bring that service to you with our folding tail trailers.

Get in touch today to learn more, and find the perfect folding tail trailer for you.

Muv-All’s Folding Tail Trailers

At Muv-All, we build folding tail trailers with you in mind. You can customize your trailer in a number of ways, but most start off with the basics and build from there. Muv-All offers folding tail trailers in a number of different styles, including single-drop, double drop, hydraulic and mechanical detachable gooseneck trailers. Muv-All trailers can be used for any application from agriculture, construction, and rentals.

For your folding tail trailer, consider:

  • Hydraulic stand-up ramps in a number of lengths, with traction; or,
  • Beavertail style fold-over ramps with steel or apitong flooring.

Folding Tail Trailers From Muv-All

Muv-All is a family-owned company, and we believe in taking the time to focus on the details to provide the best service to you. We stand behind our trailers and service, and go the extra mile to ensure you are taken care of.

Muv-All is known for being exceptionally reliable and providing top-notch trailer parts & service. Our craftsmen demonstrate extraordinary attention to detail to deliver the highest level of quality.

When you work with Muv-All, expect the best. Our experienced service and sales coordinators can help you find the exact folding tail trailer you need. Get in touch with our trailer experts to customize your new Muv-All!