3 Reasons Aluminum Outriggers Are A Key Feature Of Muv-All Trailers

Trailer outriggers are a great feature for large equipment loads which have a wide separation between their wheels or tracks.

At Muv-All Trailers, we believe aluminum outriggers are a key feature for many of our trailers, and our clients agree! Our pullout outriggers help our clients haul a wider variety of items with increased safety and confidence.

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1. Aluminum Vs. Wood

At Muv-All, we trust in aluminum outriggers. Wood outriggers, generally made from oak, are strong, but can crack unexpectedly. Aluminum outriggers are much stronger and have greater elasticity, allowing the material to bend slightly and bounce back after the weight is removed much easier than wood.

2. Aluminum Allows The Use Of Pullout

Pullout outriggers are much stronger than swingout or attached outriggers. That stability is also shown in the ability that aluminum outriggers have in allowing your load to ramp onto the trailer on the built in ramp, rather than jumping up onto a wood board, which can lead to “board flip” – the board flipping up and off of the outriggers or damaging the load.

Pullout aluminum outriggers allow for much more stable loading.

3. Trailers Become More Versatile

At their heart, aluminum outriggers allow your trailer to become much more versatile. Your loads can be larger and wider, your job prospects open up, and your safety increases.

At Muv-All, our Alumi-Lite, mechanical detachable gooseneck and hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailers all have pullout aluminum outrigger options. The gooseneck trailers can run from 96” wide to 120”, while the Alumi-Lite trailer can head up to 156”!

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