5 Great Ways To Customize Your Muv-All Trailer

Muv-All offers a variety of lowboy trailers which are perfect for any number of applications from agriculture to construction and rentals. And there are so many ways to customize Muv-All Trailers!

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1. Upgrade To Apitong Decking

Whether you prefer steel decking or wood decking on your trailer is up to you, but if you want wood we suggest our apitong decking! Apitong is an extremely strong, dense wood which won’t retreat from steel with age and weather like oak or other woods.

An upgrade to apitong is also a great style choice, if you love the look of real wood on your trailer.

2. Switch Up Your Tail Style

Depending on the equipment you’re hauling, you may prefer to customize your Muv-All Trailer with either a telescoping tail or folding tail. Our telescoping tails are generally 11’ long, while our folding tails are usually 12’ long, but if you need additional options, we can make it happen.

3. Winch Options

If you need a winch on your trailer, you may want to customize it to be operable via remote. Normally, our winches come standard with controls at the winch itself, but for safety or comfort a remote can come in handy.

4. Outriggers

At Muv-All, if you want to carry a wider load we offer pullout aluminum outriggers, extending your width up to 156” or 13’.

Pullout aluminum outriggers are much stronger than swingout or attached outriggers which are generally loaded with a wood board. That stability is also shown in the ability that aluminum outriggers have in allowing your load to ramp onto the trailer on the built in ramp, rather than jumping up onto a wood board, which can lead to “board flip” – the board flipping up and off of the outriggers or damaging the load.

5. Increase Length

Depending on your needs, you can also customize your Muv-All Trailer  in lengths up to 53’.

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